What is the Foundation’s Mission?

To expand possibilities, by investing in organizations and projects that expand opportunity, with a focus on education, economic mobility, and supportive relationships.

What Does the Foundation Invest In?

As a Foundation, we invest in people; the most committed, passionate and talented leaders, as well as the many people they support. We firmly believe that an organization’s ability to achieve its goals is directly related to the quality of the organization’s leadership. So we partner with organizations whose leadership has proven capacity to effectively steward funds and achieve results – particularly those that are innovative, replicable and supported by research.

We invest in organizations whose work aligns with our mission and priorities. To that end, we provide funding for nonprofit organizations and projects that give more people living in low-income homes and communities a chance to build key foundations of fulfillment: educational and economic opportunity; supportive relationships; and joyful enrichment.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for a grant from the Wilson Sheehan Foundation, your organization must be classified as tax-exempt under the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). And because we are a mission-driven family foundation, we also expect our grantees and their projects to align with our priorities and values. 

While we do accept unsolicited proposals, the vast majority of our investments are sourced through trusted advisors and personal contacts. 

The Wilson Sheehan Foundation does not generally consider these areas to be within our investment focus:

  • Individual Scholarships
  • Mass funding appeals
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising for fundraising events
  • Emergency relief 

In accordance with Federal Law, we do not fund individuals or political campaigns and activities. 

My 501(c)(3) has a pending status; do I qualify to receive a donation?

No. We can only provide funds to organizations classified as tax exempt by the IRS.

Is there a deadline for submitting our application?

No. We currently accept grant applications year round and do not have a defined grant cycle with specific submission deadlines. Please keep in mind that this is our current policy and that it may change in the future.

Does the Foundation require a Letter of Inquiry?

For first time applicants seeking support exceeding $10,000, the Foundation requires a Letter of Inquiry as part of our First Time Applicant Form. Details about the application process and our online First Time Applicant Form can be found in the “Apply” section of our website.

What kind of budget information should we include?

We require budget and financial information in our First Time Applicant Form, including a recent financial statement. 

May I send a hard copy of my grant application directly to the Wilson Sheehan Foundation?

No. We only accept grant applications online through our grant management software. 

What do I do if I have questions?

Please email any questions to info@wilsonsheehan.org.

How do I let you know if my email or mailing address changes after I submit my online application?

For changes in address, email, or contact information, please email your updated information to info@wilsonsheehan.org. To avoid confusion, please include the name of your organization as well as the old information in the email.

Once my application has been submitted, can I retrieve, edit, or delete it?

Once submitted to us, your application can be retrieved, but cannot be easily modified. Please carefully proofread and check your application for accuracy before you submit it. If you would like to edit or delete your application, please contact us at info@wilsonsheehan.org.

Is your grant making restricted geographically?

No. The majority of our investments are domestic and sourced through trusted advisors and personal contacts. We also target a portion of our investment to the Foundation’s home community of Clark County, OH and surrounding areas.