To be eligible for a grant from the Wilson Sheehan Foundation, your organization must be classified as tax-exempt under the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). And because we are a mission-driven family foundation, we also expect our grantees and their projects to align with our priorities and values. 

While we do accept unsolicited proposals, the vast majority of our investments are sourced through trusted advisors and personal contacts. 

The Wilson Sheehan Foundation does not generally consider these areas to be within our investment focus:

  • Individual Scholarships
  • Mass funding appeals
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising for fundraising events
  • Emergency relief

In accordance with Federal Law, we do not fund individuals or political campaigns and activities.


Step 1: Review Eligibility Criteria

We respect the time and effort non-profit organizations expend applying for grants, and kindly request that you carefully review our FAQ to ensure fit as a first step. 

Step 2: Initiate Application Process

Grantees seeking support of $10,000 or less:

Organizations are invited to submit our Streamlined Applicant Form.

Grantees seeking support exceeding $10,000:

Organizations are invited to complete a First Time Applicant Form. 

Returning Grantees:

We kindly request that existing or previous grantees seeking additional funding reach out directly to the Foundation at Please note that Returning Grantees must submit the annual report for the previous grant before consideration will be given to a new grant request.